JFG Designs Jewellery and Accessories
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JFG Designs Jewellery is a luxury jewellery brand created by owner/designer Jules. "One day I had a strong vision about designing jewellery and followed my dreams to use my God given talent in the world of fashion."

Jules was born in Vancouver, Canada and has an Eastern European background of Croatian descent. She loves to travel the world, particularly to warm sunny beaches, places filled with great people, culture and lifestyle. She has always been fascinated with the art world, with abstract paintings in particular. She is inspired by colors, art, architecture, flowers, nature and unique shapes in our world and then transforms it into artful jewellery that defines your own personal style. Combining a strong love for art and fashion Jules created this jewellery line that represents everything that a women should be, sophisticated elegance with a hint of glamorous, making women feel confident and empowered. "I wanted to create a glamorous jewellery line that is affordable and can be worn by women of all ages, versatile jewellery for everyday fashion."

JFG Designs has participated in 9 seasons of Vancouver Fashion Week and it was there that she was discovered by the UK magazine British Vogue and has been featured many times in the "Jewellery Designer Profile" as an emerging designer. Since then her brand has also been featured in other UK magazines such as Tatler, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour and Class Brides expanding to an international market.

Jules is passionate about making change in the world by being a sponsor for various charity events throughout Canada by donating jewellery for the silent auctions raising money for that charities purpose. "Supporting these charities is the best part of what I do and is so rewarding and I will continue to support them with love!"

JFG Designs jewellery loves to make women look glamorous all around the world!